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Recent Digs #1: Thrift Finds and Reflection

Much like halloween’s post-trick-or-treat candy sorting extravaganza, one must admire their finds individually after arriving home. This is best done with someone else, but can definitely be managed alone as well. I always do it right before I wash them and try to savor the excitement of having some new things to add to my wardrobe for the week. 

I plan to periodically (once a month or when I find some excellent things I simply can’t wait to show off) run a blog post in which I show a few of the things I’ve bought thrifting recently. I’m hoping this won’t be one of those things I use as an excuse to go thrifting all the time. Like when you get a homework assignment that involves something you like doing and “accidentally” spend all your time on that part. Send hope to my wallet. 


Item #1: Vintage 505 Levis

Bought: Goodwill, $5.99

I think finding jeans that fit, no matter where you shop, is challenging, particularly when you may not have $100 for one clothing item. I found these in the men’s section and they fit me to a tee. The key to finding jeans secondhand is to be very open to sizing. I can fit anything from a 2-10, depending on the brand and the material, so it’s best not to obsess over what size you seem to be fitting in these days.

After I made this purchase I found this article from Manrepeller about what to look for in vintage levi’s, though it specifically refers to the 501’s. I’m not one to particularly seek out a certain jean for it’s popularity. I mostly strive for comfort, but it’s interesting to note and I do take notice of the degree of wear and the fade.jeansfullshot



Item #2: Long Coat, with velvet collar and velvet buttons

Bought: “The digging goodwill”, “the bins”, officially known as Goodwill Buy The Pound Outlet. Check here for your nearest location.
Approximately $1.fulljacket

I found this jacket while staying with my parents over winter break. My good artist friend Brooke Schuh (check out her art here and see her modeling in the two left pics below) and I made a trip to our local “bins” in Appleton, WI. “The bins” basically consists of a large warehouse like room and the employees just roll out rows of giant bins for customers to dig through. Each time a new bin is rolled out it comes out covered in a sheet, looking like a fresh corpse. And the Goodwill patrons flock around this new corpse-like bin until the entire row of bins is replenished by the employees and they do the official unveiling and remove the sheets. Then people dig dig dig. makes for good entertainment really.

Unfortunately there are not a lot of Buy the Pound Goodwill locations. If there is one in your state within a few hours I might suggest it’d make a fun road trip. I think we spent three hours in the store?!? Much of the items are priced like 49 cents/pound, and things are generally dirt cheap.


“The Bins”


The jacket had shoulder pads in it which I easily took out with a seam ripper.My favorite details are the velvet button and collar. The fabric is very soft and forms to the wearer’s body.


Create a look.


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