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Where do Ideas Come From?

I was clicking around blogs, flushing myself down the virtual blog toilet bowl trying to snoop around my competition but mostly ending up clicking around and around, when I landed on a blog that I didn’t want to leave. I couldn’t decide which post to click on because I wanted to click on all of them, her style was immediately envied, and she was an impossibly good thrifter. B. Jones Style. Then I discovered she has a youtube channel and an hour later I was entranced and wishing I was feeling so flippin’ inspired at any hour of normal business hours, just not 3 am when NO THRIFT STORES ARE OPEN BUT I’M READY TO THRIFT.

This problem, of being inspired at the wrong time, reminded me of a TED talk I’ve seen a while ago but that always floats back into my head. It’s one by Elizabeth Gilbert where she’s talking about creativity and the way in which we view it or expect it to be a part of us.  I could watch it again and again and again. I’ve quoted a small story she shares in it below.

Screen Shot 2017-03-26 at 11.55.24 PM

So here I am, 3 am, in front of my laptop, wondering what if my inspiration passes and I’ll never have the chance to have the best closet ever?  She, Beth Jones, aka B. Jones Style, has these awesome “Thrift Store Challenge” videos on youtube where she does stuff like finding a complete date night outfit in an hour or travel across her county to visit multiple thrift stores. After binge watching these I felt so confident and prepared for my next thrifting adventure, dreaming of my very own thrift store challenges.

She’s such a goofy, awesome, fun lady. I feel like from just watching a few of her videos you can feel rejuvenated. (and maybe also like you need to triple the size of your closet, DON’T DO IT!)

I finally had the chance and sense to privilege myself a small lot of time (approximately 1.5 hours, a very small sampling of time for a thrift store).

But when I went to Goodwill, as soon as I walked in the door I felt the adrenaline pumping. Two minutes in and I needed a cart. I had been keeping an eye out on Pinterest for styles I wanted to look for, glancing at leftover fashion magazines around school, and putting more intention and thought into this week’s outfits. I felt as I was walking into those doors that I was prepared to look. I could not wait to look through the racks. I couldn’t decide what to look at first.

I had the notion that I would do my own version of thrift store challenge though I had a rough idea of maybe picking out an outfit for a concert I’m going to tomorrow and absolutely nothing more. Of course I arrived at the store and my sense of self discipline went wild and my ordered plan of which sections to visit first was thrown out the window. I’m not sure if I ended up with an outfit, so much as a smorgusboard of wardrobe staples that I’d been seeking. You can’t always get it right on the first try. However, I did have fun and got a few pieces that were really enough to get me excited about thrifting once again. I will do a post featuring everything I got, very soon. For now, here’s some fun action shots.


This is how much I manage to accumulate in under an hour. I still felt sad leaving without getting to thoroughly look at all the sections.


They had just put out their Spring/Summer styles with shorts and tank tops. How was I to resist?


Had trouble deciding if I was the type of girl to wear yellow daisy print tank tops. Turned out to be a no.


Spring Break 1989? African Safari? Football uniform? Those shoulder pads were bad but I’m on the hunt for good two piece outfits.


too much captain jack sparrow. But the corduroy brown pants are in my closet now.


These pants looked so good on the hanger. Not quite sure what to make of them on me. Also trying out the silk pajama top as a regular top trend.


okay— now I’m having fun. I. love. all. of. this. but would I ever wear it???? Best purse ever. I’ve already used it.


My friend Denisse bought that dress and that belt. I bought that shirt but will probably return it.



We both loved this delicate, black vintage shirt, but couldn’t see either of us wearing it.

Slowly, maybe I will work myself into thrift store videos. For now I’ll get better at photo taking.




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