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Sneak Peak At Friends Art Gallery

IMG_5466Today it was sunny and warm and the air was pleasant and I had an excuse to take a miniature road trip (on a Tuesday!) My friend Denisse and I both skipped out of our work duties a few hours early to make the drive from Milwaukee to Appleton , WI where my good friend Brooke Schuh was having her first gallery exhibit. We listened to a CD called the fabulous 50s (epic… I’m so lonesome I could die) and stopped at a gas station for cigarettes, peach gummy circles, and sour hubba bubba tape. necessities.

Brooke Schuh is awesome. She’s just graduating from high school and has made so much art and now her own exhibit!

Here’s her write up:

Retrospective: The Crane Goes to College, Schuh’s first solo show, includes technical pieces as well as conceptual works that provoke thought about mindful consumerism, environmental sustainability, and social justice issues.

The thing about this gallery space…. it was so perfect. It was directly on the Fox River, the river literally right out the window as if the building was floating just above the river. The parking lot was a shared lot with the Appleton parks trail system. And it was 5:30 pm at the end of March in Wisconsin, which means the sun was just beginning to filter in through people’s windows, and this building had a ton. She had one man on a guitar in the corner, strumming and occasionally singing, a table full of the perfect cookies– wafer cookies from your childhood and the snickerdoodle you only dream of– there was wine, and the gallery visiters ranged in age from 4 to 70. and it all created the perfect atmosphere.



3 thoughts on “Sneak Peak At Friends Art Gallery

  1. This looks so fun! I probably won’t have a chance to visit it myself, but after seeing this post I feel a definite urge to go. Seeing it on a chilly Thursday afternoon, the thought of a little weekday trip is tempting.


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