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3 Sewing/Crafting Techniques I Need To Know More About

I’ve been rediscovering the satisfaction found in doing things with your hands. It feels so good to put in effort and have something (appealing or unappealing) to show for it. I feel like that’s one of the reasons why I fell addicted to running so easily, even if I hated it sometimes. It’s a very physical, hands-on activity. I was just talking to one of my sewing friends tonight about my regret about not majoring in fashion design and she asked me what I’d actually like to learn in classes. I realized they were many things I could take outside classes on without going to school again… so in short, here are a few things I would like to and hopefully plan to investigate after my graduation date– May 13.

1 . Hand Dying Fabrics Naturally


Photo by Flickr User B D T  logwood, ossage, madder

Saint Cardigan’s Post about this has gorgeous photos and also talks about the process from a VERY beginner’s perspective. Dying things naturally is a very scientific process, particularly in the sense that the color of the materials you are using does not necessary denote the color of the product.


When I was home on winter break I had checked out a really informative book on natural dying called “Natural Color: Vibrant Plant Dye Projects for Your Home and Wardrobe” that I never had a chance to read. I hope to give it a more thorough read soon.


Photo of Shibori technique by Flickr User Stephanie Echeveste

One more awesome step-by-step post is little green notebook’s Shibori DIY post. Shibori is basically the technique of folding and binding the fabric before dying.


2. Hand Embroidery

Little hand embroidery additions can be simply added to thrifted or already-owned clothing and spice it up a lot. I found this really great blog called Tea and a Sewing Machine that contains lots of very detailed step-by-steps of several different embroidery stitches that make me want to dig out my embroidery floss right now. (And she has a 3-legged cat!)

Here is the Woven Wheel Stitch.

Here is the Fern Stitch.

3. Pattern Making


Photo by Flickr User Megrje

The women at Sewing Business have a thrifty suggestion of doing some reconstruction on the patterns you already own, which I have done in the past and definitely improve on.

Geneva at a Pair & a Spare has a great DIY Wrap Skirt post that is a good beginning for pattern making for scratch.

My general strategy for pattern making in the past was to have an idea of the type of garment I want to make, then go through my current patterns and find some with similar styles, and adapt the similar ones. Sometimes this meant combining the top of one and the bottom of another. I will have to look into books.

That’s all for now in my sewing dreams.



P.S. slightly unrelated but maybe should be on this list also– making your own undergarments. Here are 6 awesome tips from Emerald Erin on how to make your handmade panties feel more special.


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