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Looking At Vintage Makes Me EXCITED

(Which I think means I should definitely pursue it because a senior in college doesn’t get excited so much at this point. #burnout)

There is a big vintage clothing sale coming up next weekend and I happen to be more excited for that than my birthday, which is a actually this Thursday, the 13th. The sale is called Midwest Vintage Flea ’17 and is taking place in Madison, WI. Though the vintage scene has moderately been on my radar for quite some time, I’ve never intentionally sought it out, thus I’ve been discovering there is so much more than I realize.

One thing about vintage sales is that they’re curated. You are getting the opportunity to look at so much wonderful, beautiful clothing and fantastic, charming accessories and the color palettes are gorgeous and suddenly you don’t feel like buying anything because you want EVERYTHING. Another thing about vintage sales is that they’ve done all the work for you and they’re going to charge you accordingly. Here is where I can’t decide how to feel. I love searching for things on my own, digging through bins, waiting for months or years to find a piece I had in mind, BUT buying from other vintage sellers is supporting something I love also. I feel my mother’s practical wisdoms whispering to me, ‘but how much could you get that thrifted?’.  I also think part of it might be me wanting to really struggle or temporarily face the challenge of having to find the item. The search is important. Perhaps I can find a balance in buying some curated vintage and some straight-from-the-bin. I really can’t decide how I feel about vintage resale. I want to get involved in it but then I feel uneasy about people doing something like that. I suppose it follows basic capitalism principles. Supply, demand, salary for the buyer/curator. Do you think it is fair? The more I look at sites like Debop or Etsy or Instagram sellers I wonder wonder wonder.

I’m putting this video here because it’s awesome and also look at all of the cool things are in this house. v vintage inspired.

I haven’t been to a vintage sale in awhile though, so I will be eager to approach this one with a fresh attitude and a respect for the business. And with lots of curiosity. I do hope to purchase a few pieces but expect to be overwhelmed. How do you decide what to buy or what suits you? Do people buy things that they know they have other things to match?How much intent am I suppose to be putting into that? If the curators choose what things to sell based on some sort of style or vibe for their shop, then I should have some sort of vibe or style for my purchases. Lately this has been a struggle. Last night at 2 am I was still awake trying on half of my closet to try to find something to wear in the morning that would make me feel myself and feel good. I failed to find it. Is it my closet? Is it the way I’m arranging things? Is it the way I’m buying things? How much intention goes into a wardrobe? I buy things  I love, but I don’t necessarily buy things based on what they match with. Do I need to be doing that? This feels like another blog post.

Today at work instead of reading all of the tedious, depressing info about the state of our democracy, I was dreaming up my future in which I make a living or maybe just make a life with out the $$$ part off of visiting all the vintage sellers and also thrift stores in the midwest. That sounds very appealing to me. I think you’re supposed to do what you want in life and I think this should be my moment to do so. Source of income will come later.

Here are some grandiose ideas I have so far. Maybe I’ll visit a new one each weekend. Or each month. something.

Savers in Madison: It’s the only Wisconsin location and I really want to check it out.

The Giant Saint Vincent de Paul in Madison: Found this one while in Madison on an AirBnb stay for a concert. we just happened to be staying down the street from it. So large it was a metropolis and I lost my boyfriend. I just googled it. It’s the one on Williamson.. but whatttt?!!! they have a digging St. Vinnies. Add that one to the list.

Screen Shot 2017-04-12 at 1.29.30 AM.png

everything is particularly beautiful on their site. Highly recommend you browse for inspiration.

Prairie La Crosse has stole my heart. It looks so perfect I want to get in my car and drive right now. Fortunately, they will be at the vintage sale next weekend.

Good Style Shop‘s owner is the host of the vintage sale and located in Madison.

Finding a vintage spot in Milwaukee is tricky! Many of them don’t last long. If you know of any or any in the Wisconsin region, please let me know. What do you think of vintage sellers or shops?




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