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Random Things I’ve Acquired Recently

I’m in the business of collecting. And also the business of consistently being uncertain about whether or not this is a good idea. No matter whether it is good or bad, it is being done and I’ve been acquiring some neat stuff with some also neat stories to it. Here are some photos and stories of things that have been gifted, donated, or bought by me.

(Ignore my bad photoshop job…please.)


Found this serving tray in the school cafeteria and couldn’t pass it up. It’s a great portrait of my school and better than any memorabilia I could ever find in the crappy Barnes and Noble corporate bookstore they have stationed here. I will serve many deserving people breakfast in bed with this.


I found this little trinket while volunteering. I help clean out and sort a resident’s items at a local nursing home and she was getting rid of this. I normally think all christmas decorations are tacky and terrible, but something about the miniature size of this fascinates me. It’s about the height of my middle finger.


Thursday was my birthday and my friend Emily, who is an artist and a writer, gave me two of her pottery pieces as a gift! How wonderful it is to receive homemade things. She also write a blog about Latin American art and artists and general art things. It’s called Definido Por Cuentos. (defined by stories)


Whether or not you’ve seen the film….. you must listen to the score. It’s so beautiful. It is breathtakingly beautiful. I cry to it. The song below is on the soundtrack. The movie is SO GOOD, also.


The activity center at the nursing home was doing a very large version of spring cleaning and I caught them as they were throwing lace remnants into the garbage. They had no problem saving it all for me and now I have so many treasures!


Any ideas for ways to use all this lace and trim?



another gift from the resident of which I am helping to go through her items. They don’t make things like this anymore. really.


I wonder what brought her to write ‘Tentative Plans’ here. What was she going to write?


These three delicate flower bowls are from the resident as well. I love the shape and their perfect for serving meals.  On the right hand side of the tray is the incense sticks and cones that my friend Denisse got me for my birthday. I love incense.


This is another item acquired by the resident. She had maybe, 20? 30? purses. I love it. It holds a lot of books surprisingly. I can’t wait to wear all denim and carry this purse.


I got this at Goodwill. It’s nearly a dress but not quite. It’s a vintage piece, very nicely made, and has a side zipper. It’s a bit out of my usual style but I’m excited to wear it. I’m always stumped as to what to wear near-dress-length items with.


I don’t know where this obsession came from, but I seem to be hooked on rose wine. I’m giving in to the aesthetic appeal and it’s ease in drinking. This is the second bottle I’ve drank this week. The first one was classy af. The cork was glass. I need more. Happy birthday to me.


2 thoughts on “Random Things I’ve Acquired Recently

    • Thank you so much! i always spend time on other blogs looking at all of the cool things people find so its nice to hear someone else does as well. 🙂 The flower bowls are so simple and elegant.


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