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Visit to Pop-Up Vintage Flea Market

IMG_2596In a post prior, I mentioned visiting a pop-up vintage market when I first moved to Milwaukee and falling in love but also being hesitant to dive in head over heels. Now I’m on my fourth year living here, packing boxes and getting ready to move back home, and I paid another visit to a vintage market.

Today was the One Trick Pony Pop-Up Vintage Flea Market in Walker’s Point of Milwaukee. One Trick Pony is a Milwaukee company that organizes these pop-up markets every now and then, once a year I believe. If you visit their site a lot of the vendors provide links to their sites and you can end up down a long rabbit hole of looking at cool stuff.

Taking place in an old cream brick building, there were vendors of vintage furniture, incense and essential oils, housewares, plants, leather items, and of course, tons of clothes. There were vendors with pricier products and other vendors where you could easily score staple pieces for $5. Sometimes I feel intimidated by all of the super fashionably dressed hipster-types that go to these things, but today’s felt really welcoming and brought smiles all around.

Some clothing items I saw a lot of: high waisted denim in all lengths and colors, lots of velvet, tons of suede jackets and vests, lots of vintage track jackets with people’s names embroidered on the sides, tons of denim dresses. Hot items to go quickly: rompers, jumpsuits, overalls, anything in golden yellow or orange tones, wide legged pants in bold colors.

MY PURCHASES!!! I usually don’t buy things at curated vintage vendors… because I like the hunt so much. But I fell in love with a few items. Click the photos for pricing info.

Overall, it was so much fun to look at everything and talk with the vendors. I made a few purchases in addition to a delicious root vegetable. There was even a DJ with a great vintage vinyl collection!!! The whole time we were there I was asking myself, ‘Do I see myself doing this sort of thing?’ and I really think I’m going to give vintage selling a try this summer.

He played this great Beach Boys song that my friend and I loved. It’s a bit different than the regular Beach Boys sound. Honestly the music was so good I wanted to stay there all day just so I could gather a tracklist.

Find Photos of the flea below!






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