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I Just Graduated College and This Is My Reading List

This is a book rant continuing on from the post I Graduated College And Moved Back With My Parents All On The Same Day.

If you start here, that’s fine too.

So here we are. My library book haul, second category, starting with numeral 2 because the post above covered 1.

but first…. a side note: an ode to the public library system!!! The United States is very fortunate to have a system such as this available to everyone. It’s more than a try before you buy system. You can read virtually anything you feel like reading without paying the price, using more trees than necessary. When I studied abroad in Chile, it was so hard to find books other than the topselling books of the U.S. or lots of Bukowski for some reason… APPRECIATE IT.

2. This category includes books that are as close to suburban-house-mom books about how to make your home look as good as Martha Stewart’s as I will ever get.  Inspiration/decorating/how to clean my room without feeling like an old lady books.


The Kinfolk Home: Interiors for slow Living// Nathan Williams

If you’re familiar with the design drool magazine Kinfolk, then you’ll understand what this book might be like. They’re a lifestyle magazine/website that I would define as beautiful people taking photos of other beautiful people and things and publishing them and being bought by people who live a life of doing and being beautiful. Of course it’s much more than this. I might try to partake though. And I’ve been told I have a good sense for design and aesthetic. Might try to rein some of these beautiful interiors to my tiny bedroom.


Make Room for What You Love// The Inspired Room Blog

I thought ‘making room for what I love’ was quite possibly the nicest way to put the notion of cleaning your room. I do want to make room for what I love because it’s so cluttered right now I don’t feel like being in it to read, write, sew, think. So hopefully Melissa’s ideas can help me get it to be that kind of space, fast. Her blog is still alive and thriving by the way.

18596489_1682334141781136_1840136753_o (1).jpg

Maker Spaces: Creative Interiors from the Homes and studios of Inspiring Makers and Designers// Emily Quinton

This is also another book where I’m hoping if I look at the gorgeous photos for long enough the ideas will just kind of transport themselves to my room in a form of visual-based osmosis. Will report back.

3. Fashion and Blog Appeal. These books are for this blog!!! and to help me figure out what the hell to wear, because I’ve been struggling with that lately. I think I’m just expecting myself to come up with something fantastic just by staring in my closet, but the creation of a great outfit takes a lot of trying on (maybe? right?). While cleaning I’ve found some really great pieces I forgot I had. I think I’ll take photos and show you my weird stuff.


Streetwear // Steven Vogel

Bills itself as “the one-and-only street fashion bible” and also “the definitive guide to core clothes for urban living” which sounds pretty damn exciting to me. From a quick skim it’s full of lots of interviews with wearers and designers and lots of photos.  I like that it’s asking lots of good questions that get at the idea of how what you wear can emulate your personality. That’s the real core question I’m poking at all of the time.


Worn Stories// Emily Spivack

I love the concept of this book also. Basically each contributor wrote a mini memoir using one piece of clothing. Simple as that.


The Worn Archive // Serah-Marie McMahon

How have I never heard of Worn? It’s basically a journal that bills itself as the alternative to the fashion magazines. The magazine for anyone who never felt welcomed by mainstream fashion magazines. And if you’re a reader you get to call yourself a Wornette??!!? I wish I was born 10 years before I was so I could be part of this wave of awesome. Unfortunately, this archive was the beginning of the end. In 2014 they stopped. Which just means it’s time for a new team to create something like this for today….

4. My attempt at self education. Non-fiction. Only a few because there’s so much good non-fiction out there and only so much head space per day available to digest it.


Whole: Rethinking the Science of Nutrition


Enter a caption

5. Books that weren’t on my list but I pikced up anyway.  ( I guess all of the books could go in this category, but these are just more miscellaneous).


The Opposite of Loneliness // Marina Keegan

I’m suspicious of the little icon in the upper right hand corner that says ‘The Instant New York Times Bestseller’.  Other things that are an instant hit that come to mind: some terrible backstreet boys songs, the dessert that your great aunt brings to family gatherings with the recipe she got from Martha Stewart, a treat that a mom with three kids brings in to the kindergarten class. mmm….. little wary.

But what I understand about this book is it’s a collection of essays written by a 22-year-old who graduates college and dies in a terrible car crash soon after. She had a job waiting for her at The New Yorker. These are some of her writings.



Pushcart Prize 2017

I’m addicted to reading this. I just started yesterday and I’m on page 95. Each piece is so different than the last. I can’t even say any more about it.

Here’s a fiction piece written by Micah Stack that felt like I was watching a vignette. So rich in detail and language. It’s narrator is a gay, black male writing about his indescribable adoration for this male rapper. It unfolds to be a beautiful, complex piece about the black/gay intersection. I’d suggest giving it a read.



40 Watts From Nowhere // Sue Carpenter

This is a memoir style about starting a kick ass radio station in LA with little to no knowledge. I gravitated toward it mostly because I think radio is making a revival with podcasts, and also a general interest in L.A. culture. I also like well done memoirs and am trying to get into reading more music memoir stuff.


Oh my. I’m finally at the end and realizing how terrible of an idea this was. Too many good things to say about each book and I maybe it’d be more worthwhile to be reading them. There are a few I might do more in depth posts about. But for now I’ve got to move around because the iced coffee I was drinking has got me very antsy and my day’s to do list as well. I need to run so that I can shower so that I can clean my room so that I can maybe go thrifting.




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