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A Thrifted Job Interview Outfit

This week has been a whirl.

The highlight of my week could have been Thursday when I saw the cute cashier at the grocery store which got me so excited that afterwards I just sat in the car and stuffed my face with spicy pork rinds, tiny red flakes all over my favorite black pants, looking like a mess and wondering if it’d be bad to go back in and pretend I forgot something. mind you we shared about 3 seconds of eye contact and every time he talked to a customer he was checking out his voice made my tiny arm hairs stand up. so I just drove home.

Earlier that day, two nice looking guys, kinda hipster ish with rolled up jeans and faded ball caps, walked into the thrift store I was perusing and I literally couldn’t concentrate on anything until they walked out and the anticipated disappointment and regret set in. Just me, pretending to browse racks and putting on my stone cold cool face and very purposefully setting myself up for a good view. Just them, looking at books.  I like playing games.

Also we have arrived the end of my unemployment period.

After one startling scripted interview with a man in charge of the grounds and parks department at a local town in which the most exciting part was when we both realized we were runners and maybe the part where I realized I could read the question he was about ask off of his paper ahead of time, I had another interview at a local thrift store in which the interviewer was a well worn in human named Pam, an obese middle aged lady who greeted me with a very no nonsense up-down lookover and looked like she had dealt with just about enough shit like 15 years ago.

During the that interview in particular, during which I was asked no questions but only told ‘this is hard work y’know about four times’, we sat at a computer desk in the middle of the store. I sat politely while she told me all about all of the stealing that goes on and that being a cashier is really only 20 % of the job and also we’ll pay you crap with no benefits so I hope you’re excited. AND THEN, a customer comes down our aisle, one of about twenty aisle she could have chosen, pushing her cart, stops at us and says “excuse me but I need you to move.” It’s pretty clear what we’re doing. Dear Pam has my resume and application. I’m dressed formally. See outfit pics below. And this lady says ” I really need to get through here.” so we pack up our shit and move so this lady can go down THE ONLY OBSTRUCTED AISLE. which is fine. i know customers can be petty af.  Pam rolls her eyes and tells me this is what it’s like all the time.

To summarize: I was actually v torn about which job to take because the rough and tumble thrift store life is actually something I’d like to experience. However, based on pay and driving time, I’ve chosen to be a flower waterer until the flowers die in the fall and no longer need tending.

At any rate, see below my very first outfit shoot and point and make fun at my sassy model faces. This was embarrassing and fun and 10/10 would recommend. expect to see more in the future. improvement will come with time. I promise.

p.s. I thrifted all of the clothing in this outfit on Tuesday from the exact place I interviewed at on friday.

Vest and Pants Combo (homesewn work): $2.99 Fox Valley Thrift
White button down sleeveless: $1.25 Fox Valley Thrift
Black Slider Shoes: $5.99 Goodwill











2 thoughts on “A Thrifted Job Interview Outfit

  1. I love this look, it’s so fun and stylish! I adore the fact that it’s thrifted too; thrift shops are my fave!
Let’s follow each other darling.
Love from


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