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Velvet, Tulle, and a Sweatshirt Outfit Post

i’ve been busy working my new 7-3 gig and tired (mostly tired, which is good I suppose because Im too tired to remember my feelings of aimlessness) and then I went camping this weekend and am now taking this blog from a minor blip of abandonment to back in action wowzer whew.

On my way back from camping I was apparently feeling particularly inspired. I wrote this in a text to a friend (tiny shoutout to Benjamin T who is probably reading this but not going to give my post a heart) :

Simply Folk (on Wisconsin Public Radio) is on the radio and as I drove away  I found myself locked into one of those moments of clarity where I can see how moment to moment life is and how the pieces are fragile and important and I feel sad and excited and also dissapointed that I can’t feel this more but I push that away.

And then I proceeded to scrawl with a pen, while driving, a list of things that I was feeling particularly charged about not limited to, but including:

  1. violin (??? playing? listening to more violin songs? maybe i was having an epiphany about how grand the violin sounds? folk music gets to me)
  2. need to look up folk festivals in Wisconsin (more folk obsession)
  3. more camping (ASAP! alone even. )
  4. Danny Boy with Judy Collins (a scrawl about a beautiful Collins song live that may have been called Danny Boy?)
  5.  No China. (This one was a reminder to myself to look into starting a streak where I challenge myself to buy no products made in china for as long as possible)
  6. Oscar Wilde (They advertised something about a theater performance of an Oscar Wilde novel and that made me think I needed to give his writing another round. older and wiser.)
  7. tattoo with Ben, person mentioned above. (a reminder to myself that I’m serious about another tat)

Today’s outfit came together rather effortlessly mostly because I allowed myself to pick it based on what I felt attracted to at the moment. While the sweatshirt looks like nothing special, I recently found it at a giant rummage sale held in a barn and it’s older and well made with a weightier (but not too weighty) hood. The hood strings even feel better. and a sturdy metal zipper that you don’t see any more. So I started with that as my centerpiece and then just added more pieces I was attracted to. Then i remembered I recently bought velvet boots and it didn’t even really matter if they matched, I was going to wear them. So here’s what we got. also the purse is def extra and I love it. I think it adds to the outfit’s casual sass when paired with the velvet boots.

keep 2


outfit composed of:

navy sweatshirt: $2, rummage sale
crop t-shirt: $2, thrifted
cut off shorts: $3, rummage sale
bridal purse: $1.99, Goodwill
velvet boots: $20 at DSW

keep 3







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